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JANUS Nespresso compatible


Looking for the perfect nespresso compatible capsules for your espresso ristretto or cappuccino? 

Amazing Ristretto taste made in Italy with ❤️

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Why are Janus Nespresso Capsules so tasty? Sourced from Brazil, we roast 10% Robusta 90% Arabica Coffee beans at 200 degrees & wait 5 days, for a velvety froth & full flavor - never achieved by industrial roasters! Wow!

I had high hopes for these coffee pods, the Nespresso pods are very expensive...I am so happy I got these that are decaf, rich, full flavor, they are individually wrapped...I am so glad I purchased these from Cafe Janus USA!

– By Passion for Shopping

Accurate description, makes a good cup of coffee. My only complaint is that this item cost me more than I have been paying for my capsules; when we want our coffee, we want our coffee!

– By Bud S

First time order for Nespresso caps from this seller. Fast delivery. I have yet to taste the coffee but it is ready and waiting here. Pricing and quantity are better than other options

– By Kay C. White

Customer service is great. I had a problem with the package and the vendor jumped through hoops to fix it. Really appreciate it. The coffee is great. Love it.

– Arvind A

My new favorite coffee. So tasty. Each capsule individually wrapped for freshness. Fast shipping. Will order again and again.

– Jen

Janus is the best of the espressos I've tried for my Nespresso machine. Unfortunately it seems it's not available any more.


Can't go to the coffee shop?

Pamper yourself with the finest single serve caffee Italiano. Introducing great taste with the richest ITALIAN coffee AROMA & LUSH CREMA in your very own kitchen! Yes, Janus Coffee Medium Roast Single Serve Coffee Pods turn your home into quality coffee heaven!


To guarantee an up to 2 years fresh aroma, each Janus Favored Nespresso Pod is vacuum-sealed by a 2nd generation of coffee masters, then our Italian Coffee Capsules are shipped from Marche, Italy.


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