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Enjoy An Authentic artisan Italian coffee

Each capsule of Janus Coffee is specially sealed to preserve the freshness, flavour and distinctive aroma of our coffee.

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Espresso Capsules

Our capsules are compatible with Nespresso Original Line Machines.

DECAF Nespresso compatible capsules with OriginalLine Italian coffee

Janus DECAF Nespresso compatible capsules espresso single serve

Pack of 100 / (per unit: 0.50) + FREE SHIPPING

$50.00 $69.00

100% Arabica coffee. Well-balanced flavor with sweet aromas of dried fruit and a satisfying smooth finish.

Enjoy your authentic artisan Italian espresso experience with DECAFFEINATO. Our decaff coffee has a distinctive character and aroma, no chemical flavours and can be enjoyed with or without sugar.

Janus CLASSICO Nespresso compatible capsules espresso single serve

Janus CLASSICO Nespresso compatible capsules espresso single serve

Pack of 100 / (per unit: 0.499) + FREE SHIPPING


Persistent, intense and full-bodied! The Blend Classic Bar is composed mainly of Robusta with a substantial percentage of Arabica which gives the espresso an intense persistent aroma and a thick and full-bodied cream. The mixture is packaged in airtight containers with a special method designed to preserve the aroma. Classico is the Best.

Nespresso Compatible Capsules EXTRA GUSTO AROMATICO espresso SINGLE SERVE

Extra Gusto Aromatico

Pack of 100 / (per unit: 0.50) + FREE SHIPPING

$50.00 $65.00

Intense, strong and refined with a mild chocolate flavor. The Extra Bar Blend is composed mainly of Arabica, and is mixed with a percentage of Robusta that gives to the espresso coffee full-bodied and intense cream.

About Janus

Caffe Janus, is a company located in Marche - Italy.  Janus was establish over three decades ago and it’s today synonymous of excellence and quality.

Janus uses the traditional method of roasting coffee. We roast our coffee manually, individually and slowly,  blended after accordingly to the type of coffee we produce, we deliver an authentic Italian espresso.

We are well-known in the region for a company that cares for quality and that’s what we offer you in every cup of coffee.


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