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Super Gusto Delicato

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Super Gusto Delicato
Super Gusto Delicato Super Gusto Delicato

The Super Gusto Delicato blend contains a high percentage of Arabica that is combined with Robusta coffee. Super Gusto Delicato is characterized by its intense aroma, its bitter, strong and pleasant taste and the dense amount of cream. Super Gusto Delicato is packaged in airtight containers with a unique method designed to preserve the aroma of coffee.

Description: Strong and Creamy
Composition: 95% Arabica, 5% Robusta.
Source: South America (Brazil) and Africa. 
Processing: Montecassiano, Marche. Italy.
Package: Deliver in 10 or 100 capsules. 
Capsule: 1 capsule contains 5 grams of coffee. 

Replace your Nespresso capsules with janus espresso capsules. Compatible with these Nespresso machines.

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